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Novel Surfactant Administration Strategies in Neonates
Alan de Klerk, MBChB
Chief, Division of Neonatology, Nemours Children's Hospital
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Central Florida
Newborn Transition to Extrauterine Life
Linda J. Juretschke, PhD, RNC-NPT, APN/NNP-BC, CCNS
Date Posted: 07/29/2015
An Evidence-Based Approach to Transfusion of the Preterm Infant
Haresh Kirpalani, BM, MRCP, FRCP, MSc
Date Posted: 05/13/2015
Single Patient Rooms – Awareness of Potential Pitfalls
Terrie E. Inder, MD
Date Posted: 05/13/2015
Lacto-engineering Breast Milk and Fortification of Human Milk
David H. Adamkin, MD
Date Posted: 04/02/2015
Does the Duct Always Need Closing?
Eduardo H. Bancalari, MD
Date Posted: 03/25/2015
Defining Neonatal Hypoglycaemia: The Continuing Debate
Win Tin, MD
Date Posted: 03/18/2015
Cutting Edge Delivery Room Practice
Myra H. Wyckoff, MD
Date Posted: 03/18/2015
Neonatology News

In neonatology wards, health care-associated methicillin-susceptible clonal staphylococcus aureus transmission appears to lead more frequently to colonization than infection, according to researchers from Switzerland.

A systematic review of the safety and efficacy of high-flow nasal cannula therapy on preterm infants revealed that the treatment is equally safe and effective as other methods of non-invasive ventilation.

Newborns with transient low blood sugar may have lower literacy and math achievement test scores in fourth grade, according to researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in a report that will appear online in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

Exposure to psychotropic drugs during pregnancy increases risk for negative outcomes among infants, so much so that researchers recommend the population be considered high-risk.

Coincident increases have been observed in prescriptions for oral opioids in pregnancy and in neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), characterized by a range of symptoms, from poor feeding, irritability, and hypertonicity, to other neurologic symptoms, such as seizures.

At least some cases of neonatal sepsis or meningitis caused by group B streptococcus appear to involve isolates that have mutated to become virulent following transmission from mothers, according to a study appearing online this week in the Journal of Bacteriology.

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Antimicrobial responses have been shown to be profoundly attenuated in very preterm neonates when examined on cord blood. However, we lack data on these responses at the time these neonates are most vulnerable to infections.

A new study finds that exogenous glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) treatment may help fight neonatal parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease (PNALD).

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